"One family's lifestyle redesign as they step across the globe."

It's about more than world adventure ... it's about refocusing on what's really important in life.

Ten Feet

We had all the “stuff.” What we wanted was more time.

Have you ever asked the question: Where is the time going?

We did. 

These ten feet belong to us, a family of five who wondered if the way we were spending our time, living the scripted dream, was truly making us happy. Join us on our search to answer this and many other big questions.

Five Bags

If we want to change how we spend our time, what do we do with all of our stuff?

Also, how the hell did we get so much? This goes way beyond deciding what to take in our single carry-ons for a world-wide trip. It’s about simplifying life in general.

Do we really need it all? Why do we have it? Is there an easier way and would it make us happier?

What if that answer was yes?

One World

If we could choose how to spend our new-found time, what would we do with it? Our lives are modelled after the world we know.

What if we went on an adventure? Imagine what more we could learn about the world, and ourselves in our quest for lifestyle redesign.

We decided, as a family, to take a closer look at the wider world around us. It is astonishing what you can discover when you give the world a chance.